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Thank you for choosing to manage your Peeler Environmental account in our web portal.  The web portal is a useful tool to review past services, upcoming services, verify account information, and pay your account. If you are having difficulties logging in or registering, we may not have accurate email address information on file. For further assistance call 704-636-0674 Mon-Fri 8a-5pm.  A registration number is provided on our invoices/statements.  This registration number is used when a customer HAS NOT used the web portal previously, or when WE DO NOT HAVE a valid email address on file.  When using the registration number for the first time, you must key it in character by character.  If you copy and paste, the system will reject it.



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*Note:  In this web portal, "Upcoming Services" dates/time may or may not be confirmed appointments.  If you have any questions about Upcoming Services, please contact us.